St. Mark’s Lutheran Church and School (WELS, Citrus Heights, CA)

Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

July 22, 2018
Ninth Sunday after Pentecost
July 22, 2018
Welcome to St. Mark’s Lutheran Church & School!
In the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, we welcome you to St. Mark’s.  We especially welcome our guests who have joined us today. 
We pray you will be strengthened by the good news about God’s grace, love, and forgiveness to us through Jesus.
Worship Focus: Everyone wants your attention: politicians, advertisers, pastors, etc. Who should you listen to and why? Depends on the situation and on the message. The Bible often uses the phrase ‘sheep without a shepherd’ to describe the people of this world. Why is this a fitting description? What is His solution on who to listen to and why this is to be the case? Reflect on these questions as we hear words from Scripture which remind us of the fact that God keeps His promises. One of those promises is to keep us from being like sheep without a shepherd.
Presiding Minister: Pastor Jonathan Kolander
Accompanist: Marty Puckett
Ushers: 8:00 Frank Beaushaw, Mike Lane, Curtis Roth
10:45 Austin Bartlow, Mark Benson, Noel Ledermann, Mike Manthei, Mark Waterman
Altar Flowers: Flowers beautifying the altar have been placed by Greg and Barbara Lazaga on the occasion of their thirty-third wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary!
Altar Committee: Barbara Gunter | Laurie Gunter
Nursery Supervisors: Today Next Sunday
8:00 Cheryl McLagan Barbara Gunter
9:15 Pam Egle Pam Lervold
10:45 Carolyn Webb Hannah Rausch
Greeters: Today Next Sunday
8:00 Phil and Ann Swan open
10:45 Burke Family
If there is any way our church and school can serve your spiritual needs, please contact one of our pastors or our school principal;
St. Mark’s Lutheran Church and School
7869 Kingswood Drive
Citrus Heights, California 95610
Phone: (916) 961-7891  
Audio-Video Questions? please email to

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